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Android Devices and DRM

Yes.  It is disappointing that apps are blocking rooted devices.  Verizon is threatening to not carry unlocked or rooted devices.  HTC is changing its bootloader policy.  It is an ebb and flow.  Protect IP Act, very disturbing.  Make some noise.  Express your dissatisfaction and make different choices.  HTC changed their policy.  The Netflix app updated to not prohibit by default.  Support the companies that share your views, shun those that do things you find offensive.


Google I/O

Thoughts on I/O

Day 1:
All about Andy

Ice Cream Sammich - look forward to the merging of forks
3.1 - why not WiFi first?
USB host, android accessories, android@home - lots of potential, but up to devs to make use cases
NFC - I really like, the potential business applications are exciting, but of course, card emulation will be a persistent issue.  And card emu was THE query being asked.

Day 2:
Chrome - or - how google plans to take over in schools and enterprises

The tech blog commentary on this has been stupid.  This is all about TCO reduction over time.  There should be a Chromebook+Apps bundle for business and education.  The unbundled stand-alone price of these units is too high.  Need one to evaluate.

Something that stood out, across keynotes and sessions...  Remarkably little partner promotion compared to prior I/Os.  This was NOT a forum to announce new devices.



I love Netflix.  Have since I first became a member Feb 10th, 2001.  If I would have taken that first year of membership fees, @15/mn, and instead purchased NFLX ... that first year would now be worth nearly six thousand dollars.