Cruise Control

In the middle ranges, I feel nothing. 
No excitement or ambition. 
No desire to get to my destination quickly. 
If I could have the process automated, I would be all too pleased. Just set destination and let the rest do the work. Take what's needed from input and output, set levels to optimal for coasting. 
On the highway it's easy enough, but puts me to sleep dreadfully fast. 
Side streets I feel as if I could take a sharp turn at any moment and run over someone, or hit something. Navigation is not my strong suit. I can ponder a choice of rice or noodles until I forget I need to eat. 

An automated life... 
Is that so bad? Isn't that the American Dream? They say it's the journey, and not the destination. 
How does that work out when if it's not from Point A to Point B, there is no movement? There are no lines here. Just a series of points. 
Explosions of matter, dispersal patterns. 
How best to move safely through them without collision?
Automated, on cruise control.

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