I dream of another me, one that made different choices...

Woken Furies
thoughts so far

Ok, I can see the arc of the trilogy now.
  1. Altered Carbon - coming to terms with the trans-humanist condition of an existence that relies upon a sentience unbound
  2. Broken Angels - acceptance of the human species being only a part, and a rather parasitic and unimportant part, of the continuum of sentience
  3. Woken Furies - recognition of our existential quandary. our own individual self is both completely unremarkable, replaceable, multiplicative and derivative; and inexplicably precious.
I'll have more to add later I suppose.

One thing that does occur to me in this universe Morgan has created.
There has been little exploration so far as to how these technologies have impacted (or eliminated) families. It seems that the only ones that bother to reproduce and have any familial bonds at all are the poor and inadequately stacked. As lifespans increase, even now we see that the prospect of _death do us part_ is much more frightening when it might mean sixty or eighty years, when it used to mean twenty or thirty. When your identity can persist for hundreds of years... What would create a truly enduring bond in a world where even your connection to yourself was as ephemeral as the clothes you take off at night?

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