Review: Pleasure Unbound

Pleasure Unbound
Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Far more enjoyable than I expected it to be, but Felicia wasn't kidding. Pretty heavy on the sexy times. If you aren't put off by the second chapter though, continue on. The "story" (a detective mystery) was fairly obvious, and I won't drop spoilers, but had the nature of it figured out pretty quickly. But realistically, it was just an excuse for the setup and character development, and oh yeah, the sex, anyway.
I might read more in the series, and would recommend it to someone that wanted a quick read that didn't involve much critical thinking.

Oh, one thing. 600 years? Really? Talk about Hell on Earth. I can't handle being in the same space as someone else for more than 72hrs, I can't imagine what torture 600 years would be, no matter how exciting the sex and dreamy the partner...

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My history with XBMC

My first build out of a media server, some awful early version of ISS on Windows NT. I was trying to convince some guys that if they wanted to do a music streaming system, they should ignore RealPlayer and check out mp3 streaming. And then I started playing with NetShow and this activeX plugin called FutureSplash.

That stuff was crap. Be glad we've evolved. Early version of Windows Media Center was unsatisfying, so tried out this thing called XBMC. Then XBMC on Linux, then XBox as Media Extender, then we tried Boxee, I liked the syncing of watch activity. Then GoogleTV, but we had to use Plex to get local media.
So now I'm back to XBMC, on Raspberry Pi, with the storage server also doing the central database. Always back to XBMC, especially if I want to explore new ideas.

So now I'm popping activity to trait.tv and Google+ Activity automatically, the YouTube addon is broken in Frodo, and wasn't, at last check, updating activity on the YouTube account (I want it to). I was operating with GetGlue as backend metadata provider, but I got a bit irritated with them. Now that they've been purchased, I understand why they weren't enthusiastic about suggestions. Good luck to them, but I don't think you start off insisting people not only report activity, but broadcast it. The default assumption should always be "man and machine" first. 

Once I'm rendered digitally, THEN we can discuss how I might be selectively time shared and replicated and distributed.

It is interesting, to someone like me, to watch companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft evolve. Did the founders vision imprint itself? What do they value? What is their eventual goal? Where do we see them, as entities, not five years out, but 100?

So yeah, 10yr anniversary XBMC. And to all those that have managed to cling on to their optimistic visions of humanity's future, toast!

When I've been digitally replicated, it will be important that my filters have been curated such that my forward projection is... True? Would I be comfortable with my replica after (what is the appropriate gender pronoun here, none are adequate) functional and distinct ten minutes out?


The Funk

So I'm watching Weed Country on Discovery Channel and I keep thinking of a comic book idea.

If S.H.I.E.L.D. kept Bruce in a room with a well supplied vaporizer, they'd have no problems at all.