Media Mastery

Going from WMC to gTV+Plex

Finally gave up on Boxee as it just wasn't evolving. I am partial to XBMC, but the queue shared across devices is why I had followed the path I'd taken.

  1. Windows Media Center
  2. Mythbuntu
  3. XBMC
  4. Boxee

But now I'm in love.
Google TV + a house full of Androids + Plex for Android and TV
I start watching a show on my TV. I continue watching on my tablet. I'll finish up going for a walk on my phone. The only downside to this setup is that I have to keep a Windows machine in house to serve as media manager. But absolutely adoring it. There are places the app could use improvement. And GoogleTV is a platform that itself is a little rocky.

On the further upside, I can play Star Wars : Old Republic on the new media machine on the TV (in picture to picture if I want).


Love Me If You Dare (2003)

As adults, best friends Julien and Sophie continue the odd game they started as children -- a fearless competition to outdo one another with daring and outrageous stunts. While they often act out to relieve one another's pain, their game might be a way to avoid the fact that they are truly meant for one another.

I rated it 8 of 10. The primary characters were completely consumed with one another, at the expense of all those around them. Where one might be envious of their all-consuming eternal love, another might see them as deplorable people.
Since I grok the context in which this was recommended, I'll refrain from further commentary.

Love Me If You Dare (2003)


Wacom Inkling

Ok, no ifs and or butts about this, but if this works half as smoothly as depicted in the videos and demos I've seen, want!


A Testing of Authorship

Google+ now lets authors do linkback to their profile?
So this is me testing it out. Actually, that's not me.


Standing Desk

Trying to re-invent a space I've occupied for more than two decades.


Android Devices and DRM

Yes.  It is disappointing that apps are blocking rooted devices.  Verizon is threatening to not carry unlocked or rooted devices.  HTC is changing its bootloader policy.  It is an ebb and flow.  Protect IP Act, very disturbing.  Make some noise.  Express your dissatisfaction and make different choices.  HTC changed their policy.  The Netflix app updated to not prohibit by default.  Support the companies that share your views, shun those that do things you find offensive.


Google I/O

Thoughts on I/O

Day 1:
All about Andy

Ice Cream Sammich - look forward to the merging of forks
3.1 - why not WiFi first?
USB host, android accessories, android@home - lots of potential, but up to devs to make use cases
NFC - I really like, the potential business applications are exciting, but of course, card emulation will be a persistent issue.  And card emu was THE query being asked.

Day 2:
Chrome - or - how google plans to take over in schools and enterprises

The tech blog commentary on this has been stupid.  This is all about TCO reduction over time.  There should be a Chromebook+Apps bundle for business and education.  The unbundled stand-alone price of these units is too high.  Need one to evaluate.

Something that stood out, across keynotes and sessions...  Remarkably little partner promotion compared to prior I/Os.  This was NOT a forum to announce new devices.



I love Netflix.  Have since I first became a member Feb 10th, 2001.  If I would have taken that first year of membership fees, @15/mn, and instead purchased NFLX ... that first year would now be worth nearly six thousand dollars.


I just got thru watching a night of TV on my XOOM

Thought i'd go over how I did it.
Ubuntu server 10.10
Dell xps 400 with 4gb RAM and 8Tb drive space, 40gb ssd
Loaded mediatomb
Aquired some a media, and set a script to fire on full aquisition to convert to m4v and store in a structure that mediatomb watches
On XOOM WiFi using UPnPlay to pull into VPlayer

But really, I'd love to be able to pull straight off my Boxee, or at least knock watches off my queue.  A project for another day.


A Few Thoughts about the Amazon Cloudplayer

You have to login with your account, typically tied to a credit card with purchase power.  Something you don't want to hand out.  They do need to charge more, or give credit for different filetypes.  Just as MP3s purchased through the Amazon MP3 store do not count against your storage limits, any other digital good stored there would also not count against limits.  The price at the high ends is prohibitively high enough that it doesn't automatically spell the death of longer established (and imo better, at least at this time) cloud storage services.

What this does though is makes it a profitable conclusion for one to stop purchasing music through itunes, and instead purchase through the Amazon MP3 store.  It also doesn't put streaming DJ services out of business.  Pandora, rDO, Mog, Grooveshark, Spotify, whatever.  There's a new one every week, and lots of them are arguably good services.  But to the person that might consider themselves an audiophile, or who might want to generate their own playlists, or listen to an entire album...they don't do it.

I for one think these are exciting developments.  A player as large as Amazon casting a disrupting technology into the wild -- that's dynamite into a crowded board room of music executives.  And if they push this to movies, video, games as well?



GApps Migration and Large Mailboxes

Recommend that if one is doing a migration from a 2+ gb pst to Google Apps, use the date range migration and do it in 1 gb chunks.  Better verification, check for errors and needed breaks.


First Posting from Native Android App

As blogger has become my preferred location for random bull, this app is a welcome addition to my phone.


Death of the Sleeve

When I go, see if there is anything of medical or scientific value to be had from the corpse.

Then wrap the remainders in some old linen and chuck it in a hole, or burn it.  Mainly, no space, no markers or headstones or services.

I don't believe in an immortal soul or spirit.  But if anyone dares to defy me on this, and I am wrong, I will haunt you, because I was wrong and I will be super pissed.

Srsly, ground chuck and back into the cosmic churn.