Google I/O

Thoughts on I/O

Day 1:
All about Andy

Ice Cream Sammich - look forward to the merging of forks
3.1 - why not WiFi first?
USB host, android accessories, android@home - lots of potential, but up to devs to make use cases
NFC - I really like, the potential business applications are exciting, but of course, card emulation will be a persistent issue.  And card emu was THE query being asked.

Day 2:
Chrome - or - how google plans to take over in schools and enterprises

The tech blog commentary on this has been stupid.  This is all about TCO reduction over time.  There should be a Chromebook+Apps bundle for business and education.  The unbundled stand-alone price of these units is too high.  Need one to evaluate.

Something that stood out, across keynotes and sessions...  Remarkably little partner promotion compared to prior I/Os.  This was NOT a forum to announce new devices.

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