Beautiful Melancholy

The Descendants

Grade: B+
George Clooney plays much the same character he has in his last half dozen films (Up in the Air, Burn After Reading). His acting in this regard may be one note, but he plays the note very well.

The supporting cast, for unknown/non-actors (majority) and a few of the brief cameos by familiar faces, do an admirable job. The daughters are both excellent, and their reactions are heart rending and believable.

The central story-line of death and infidelity, set against this idealistic and indescribably beautiful paradise setting, really drives it home.

Enjoyed the film. Recommended.


Tried for a Sopranos Ending. Failed.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Grade: C-
Take a pass unless you are wide awake and very bored. This slow moving film, with little character development and a pretentious ending hand-crafted for Cannes or Sundance takes everything interesting about mind-bending PKD dream-reality-memory existentialism and gives it a dingy Ozarks sheen.

I preferred Galactic Pot Healer.


Google Docs Library

So I posted about this on G+ but I've been using the Android Docs app to take offline copies of web pages I print to PDF.

Here is the link to the Library