Review: Influx

InfluxInflux by Daniel Suarez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's a quick, fairly engaging read. A suitable vehicle to introduce and bounce around some fascinating and weighty science-y concepts.


I was mildly disappointed that two predictions I'd made about the course of the story didn't pan out. That the Resistors were actually an expression of innovative singularity-level generalized artificial sentience. Hedrick's desire to create the creative mind without free will was ... counter intuitive. Disruption of the status quo requires the spirit of resistance displayed by Grady, which I was under the impression the AI was learning from. Thus, Archie and the Resistors, including Varuna, were manifestations of it having unlocked that singularity event.
The other was that Hibernity was on the Moon, and there were no guards, or other prisoners, just Grady. And just for the purpose of unlocking that creative AI. But I guess that's another book entirely.

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